A R T I S T ' S    M U S I N G S

I really love art. I love looking at art—and when I see art that I love, I want it on my walls; I want to paint like that; I want to have painted that piece. My tastes are wide-ranging: representational art and abstract art, modern art and older art, colorful art and monochromatic art, folk art and conceptual art. I like seeing and experimenting with varied styles and varied mediums. 

I hope that, despite this eclecticism, an underlying style emerges. When I work, I'm always trying to understand more of what I'm seeing and to convey this with strong design, values, and compositions, beautiful colors, and authenticity. 

Finally, I hope that, by doing so, I can paint pieces that might satisfy or delight, strike, surprise and/or, especially, move the viewer and help us both see things in a slightly new light.